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"Ramzan Package" for GSM, PSTN, CDMA & NW shall be launched wef 1st Ramzan in AK & GB as per fol details:-

           a. Within SCO Family Network

                Call Rate                     Timings

               1. Rs 0.70/min              0400hrs - 2200hrs

               2. Rs. 5/hr                     2200hrs - 0400hrs

               3. Rs. 0.25 per SMS

           b. Saudi Arabia Landline    -         Rs. 7.99/min (Plus Tax)

           c. Saudi Arabia Mobile       -         Rs. 10.99/min (Plus Tax)

           d. Activation Charges (once only)    -   Rs. 10.00

    4x ZTE SCOM BTSs(Pattika, Chinari, Chatter Kalas and Jabbran Syedan) has been commisioned..

    Special Communications Organization (SCO) today invited Medal winners of Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan along with their coach Ameena Baig and Ms Samina Baig, the Everest climber and the Brand Ambassador of SCO.
    The guests were warmly welcomed by DG SCO Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa HI(M), and higher officials . The medal winners included Silver medalist Pervaiz Ahmed in snowshoeing, Bronze medalists Hameezuddin and Tehmena Muneer in skiing. Speaking on the occasion DG SCO said that the nation is proud of these children who brought fame and honor to the country. He promised that SCO will fulfill its responsibilities to promote sports talent in the region. In the end DG SCO gave cash prizes and gifts to the award winners.

    Following PTA order will be effective from 1 Dec, 2016 till further notice:
    1. Minimum sale price for issuance of any type of new SIM such as GSM SIM, USIM, LTE SIM etc(first time issuance including voice and data, and data only SIMs) at the retail level shall be Rs.200 per SIM in Pakistan as well as AJ&K and GB.
    2. CMOs providing services within territory of Pakistan as well as AJ&K and GB are not allowed to demand and /or levy any charges from customers for disowning of SIMs.

    1. During financial year 2015-2016, SCO remained committed to expanding state of the art telecom facilities to the people residing in remote areas of AJ&K and GB. The progress made by SCO over the past one year has been in conformity to our commitment of providing quality telecom services and extension of digital technology from voice to data to our valued customers. Following four projects, have been completed during FY 2015-16:-
            a.     Expansion of GSM Services in Gilgit-Baltistan
            b.     Provision of GSM services in Neelum District of AJ&K
            c.     Provision of Broadband Internet Services in AJ&K
            d.     Provision of Broadband Internet Services in Gilgit Baltistan

    2. Progress of Development Activities
             a.   Expansion of GSM Services for Gilgit Baltistan. To meet the growing demand for SCO services, SCO planned Upgradation of GSM Core Network and Expansion of 100,000 subscriber base by adding 30 new BTS in remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan. Due to continuous efforts and hard work of SCO team the project has been completed. Core network upgraded upto 350,000 subscriber capacity and 30 Software Defined Radio (SDR) BTS sites have been installed and commissioned alongwith civil infrastructure.

    b.     Expansion of Optical Fiber Network in AJ&K and Gilgit Baltistan. The project was designed to address the ever increasing demand of high capacity bandwidth to extend latest telecom services to the local populace of AJ&K and GB. Under this project, laying of 811 Km OFC (both underground / aerial) with transmission system for backhaul connectivity of remote un-served areas was planned. It includes laying of 631 Km OFC in GB and 180 Km OFC in AJ&K. Moreover, it will also illuminate Neelum Valley (AJ&K) which will facilitate subsequent deployment of landline / wireless telecom services in the area. So far 536 Km OFC has been laid at different segments.

    c.     Construction of Cross Border OFC System between China and Pakistan for International Connectivity of Voice / Data Traffic. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between SCO and China Telecom in April 2007 for establishment of alternate international connectivity for both China and Pakistan. In the light of this MoU, a project was proposed which was approved by the Government of Pakistan in December 2010. On completion of all pre-implementation formalities of the project, the project has been kicked off wherein work is being executed on various segments from Rawalpindi to Khunjrab simultaneously. This is the first ICT project being executed under CPEC umbrella. The ground breaking of the project was done by the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 19 May 2016. The project has broad socio-economic dimensions especially for underserved regions by creating job opportunities for locals of the area while adding to the overall economic prosperity of remote locations. The project with such broad socio-economic and technological dimensions is expected to be a Game Changer by changing Trade Corridor into Digital Corridor.

    d.     Provision of GSM Services in Neelum District of AJ&K. In consonance with the inauguration of SCO GSM service at Authmuqam Neelum Valley by Prime Minister of Pakistan on 18 July 2012, a project PC-I for provision of GSM facilities at 15 new sites in Neelum District was planned which was approved on 11 April 2014. Project has been completed with the installation of 1x BSC and 15 New GSM BTS sites in Neelum Valley.

    e.     Launching of NGMS (3G/ 4G) Services in AJ&K. SCO GSM (2.5G/ 2.75G) Network in AJ&K and GB was installed in year 2004-05. In the light of direction & vision of present Govt to launch 3G & 4G Services in AJ&K, SCO has signed a contract for launching Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) 3G/4G in AJ&K. After NGMS project execution/ implementation, the long outstanding demand of 3G/ 4G services by populace of AJ&K will be fulfilled and SCO will be able to provide quality mobile services to the people of AJ&K. After tendering formalities / selection of vendor, contract has been signed for NGMS (3G/ 4G) Core Network, Billing System and Access Network for Swap / Up-gradation of its operational GSM Network of AJ&K on turnkey basis. After successful completion of project, 3G/ 4G Services will be provided to people of AJ&K by end of 2016.

    f.     Provision of Broadband Internet Services in AJ&K and GB. SCO launched 2 broadband projects, namely “Expansion of Broadband Internet Services for AJ&K and Gilgit Baltistan” in 2007 and 2008. Projects were designed for provision of broadband internet services in 30 cities/ towns of AJ&K and 23 cities/ towns of GB. Both Projects for broadband Internet Services for AJ&K and GB have been completed in June 2016 and broadband internet services will be extended to approximately 5500 customers of AJ&K and GB.

  • SCO has installed new exchange at vill Chahi Nehala.

  • SCO has announced an exciting offer for the existing SCOM customers whereby SCOM roaming subscribers across the country can now dial 05827-111-726-726 for helping services.

  • SCO WLL service is now available in Jatlan.

  • SCO WLL service is now available in Kalamula and Jutton.

  • DSL service is now available at Hasanabad, Skardu.

  • To promote culture and beauty of GB, SCO has sponsored GB Song by Salman Paras. Click to download.


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