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Digital Cross Connect (DXX) offers high speed data connectivity of desired speed to meet demands of corporate and banking sector. All major banks and other corporate clients are our valued customers. Government sector departments like PIA, NADRA and PIFRA are also using SCO DXX services. DXX supports online banking and ATM services facilitating people. Network coverage is available in all major cities and towns.


  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  • Afzal Pur Chaksawari  Hajira  Khadim abad  Plandri 
    Arja  Chattar Kalas  Hattian  Khui Ratta  Rawlakot
    Bagh  Dadyal  Islamgarh  Kotli  Sensa 
    Bandi Abbaspur  Dammas  Jatlan  Mirpur 
    Bhimber  Dhirkot  Kakra Town Muzaffarabad


  • Gilgit & Baltistan
  • Astore  Danyore  Gilgit  Karimabad  Skardu  
    Chilas  Gakuch  Jutial  Khaplu 


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(GB & AJK) - 111 726 726
(Roaming Subscribers) - (05827)111 726 726