Sajid Ali Sadpara

Sajid Sadpara is a proud son of the nation who is a professional mountaineer like his father, Ali Sadpara (late). At the age of 20, he became the youngest mountaineer to summit K2 in 2019 with his father. On 5th Feb 2021, he along with his father and 2 other foreign mountaineers went on a mission to be the first to climb K2 in winters. When they started moving from Camp 3 to camp 2, Sajid faced an oxygen tank issue, and it was their only life support equipment. His father suggested Sajid to go back to Camp 3 and wait for us. He went back and waited for them, but they never came. His father and 2 other mountaineers were declared dead, but their dead bodies couldn’t be found. On 26th July 2021, he won millions of hearts by finding the missing dead body of his father on K-2 after 5 months.

SCO has always been at the forefront of promoting the local community in arts and culture. SCO installed 4G BTS at Concordia near K2 base camp to pay homage to famous climber Ali Sadpara (late).


Dr. Anam Najam

“My disability is my strength I am proud to be Pakistan's first and only quadriplegic psychiatrist hailing from Muzaffarabad AJ&K and recipient of the Chevening Scholarship for higher studies in the United Kingdom. Special thanks to SCO for recognizing my efforts and appointing me as their Brand Ambassador.”

SAMINA BAIG- First Pakistani Female Mountaineer

Samina Baig

Samina Baig is a mountaineer from the Shimshal Valley in the Karakoram mountain ranges.In 2010, she scaled an unclimbed peak of 6400 meters, which was her first ever expedition and ascent. That mountain has now been renamed as Samina Peak in her honor. After the expedition, she realized that mountaineering could be not only a passion but also a profession. She is the first ever Pakistani woman to have embarked on a high altitude winter climbing expedition: in winter of 2010, she climbed Minghlighsar (6050m) for the first time in Pakistan's history.

In 2011, Samina climbed another 6008m untouched and unnamed peak for gender equality.The peak is named "Koh-i-Brobar" (Mt. Equality) to empower women of Pakistan through adventure sports. Samina is an inspiration to all young Pakistanis, and especially Pakistani women. The greatest and historical expedition to Mt.Everest 2013 makes her climbing expeditions very special for the people and youth of Pakistan, the most unmatched feat of Samina Baig is Scaling seven Highest mountains in Seven continents in just under 8 months, which is a record, she is first Pakistani among men/women and she is first Muslim women to climb the seven highest mountains in Seven continents Mt.Everest of Asia, Mt. Aconcagua ,South America, Mt.Vinson ,Antartica, Mt.Kilimanjaro Africa. Mt.Denali North America, Mt.Punjac Jaya ,Oceana. Mt.Elbrus ,Russia.She climbs Mountains for Gender equality with her Brother, empowering youth and women through adventures sports. She is also part of Pakistan Youth Outreach (PYO), a local organization established by her brother.

PYO reaches out to Pakistani youth to raise awareness about outdoor education and mountaineering while also promoting women adventure sports such as mountaineering in Pakistan. The slogan of PYO is to “Educate Youth through Expeditions.” They aim to work on education in Pakistan. Samina represents a dynamic and positive aspect of Pakistan often overlooked by the world.

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