Events 2022-2023

Meeting with Mr Harris, CEO USF and Mr Bilal, CTO USF

Call on by Mr. Martin, CEO Huawei – 28 Dec 22

Dine out – Sec Comds AJ&K and GB

MoU Signing Ceremony between SCO and HBL

Meeting with Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani, Chairman WAPDA

Call on by Mr. Osman, MD PSEB

MoU Signing Ceremony between SCO, Celmore, and CETC – 2 Sep

Call on by Mr Sultan Ali Allana Dir AKFED – 13 Aug 2022

MoU Signing Ceremony – 12 Aug 2022

Celebrating the launch of GPON Services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan

Samina Baig K2 Expedition

4G Services at Fairy Meadows and Deosai

PM visit to GB

DG Visit to GB

Let's talk. 111-SCO-SCO (726-726)