For AJ&K and GB Customers


  Rates (PKR) Procedure
Pakistan ka sab say sasta Loan !!
S-Loan gives you the facility of getting instant balance whenever you are running low.
Rs. 15/- is available to all SCOM subscribers, whose balance drops below Rs. 5
2.0 / PKR 15 Loan *135# / Dial 125 Press 6 for loan and follow IVR

Missed Call Notification 

  Rates (PKR) Procedure
This service notifies a subscriber about the calls missed due to reasons like: out of coverage,handset powered off etc. 20+tax per month *127#
1. Send “MCN” to 373 to Activate 
2. Send "UNMCN" to 373 to Deactivate 
3. Send"CHMCN 2" to change language to Urdu 
4. Send "CHMCN 1" to change language to English Note: Default language is English

SMS Blocking

  Rates (PKR) Procedure
SCOM is offering SMS Block Service which provides the feature of blocking unwanted SMS. The service provides the opportunity to block up to 50 numbers and manage the block list from time to time PKR 15 / Month
PKR 3.75 / Week
Send "SUB 92355xxxxxxx" to 420 for SMS Blocking Svc Activation Send "ADD 92355xxxxxxx" to 420 for adding a No to SMS Blocking Svc Blacklist Send "DEL 92355xxxxxxx" to 420 for deleting a No from SMS Blocking Svc Blacklist Send " UNSUB" to 420 for SMS Blocking Svc Deactivation

Cricket Alerts

  Rates (PKR) Procedure
If you are passionate about cricket, then Cricket Info will take care of all your needs. Get latest scores and wicket alerts and stay hooked to all the action on the field 1 / Day To Subscribe 
send 'sub' to 666
To Unsubscribe
send 'unsub' to 666

News Alerts

  Rates (PKR) Procedure
SCOM News Alerts brings you news alerts straight to your mobile set so that you remain updated on the go at all times 1 / Day To Subscribe 
send 'sub' to 222
To Unsubscribe
send 'unsub' to 222

Islamic Alerts

  Rates (PKR) Procedure
SCOM Islamic services is an attempt to provide all the Islamic Information that a subscriber can need, at a distance of one SMS. SCO Islamic services gives its customers a chance to earn Allah’s blessings through easy service navigation 1 / Day To Subscribe 
send 'sub' to 786
To Unsubscribe
send 'unsub' to 78


  Rates (PKR) Procedure
Info Services make sure that SCOM Subscribers are up-to-date with every information.  Info Services provide customers  the information of their choice daily through SMS 1 / Day To Subscribe 
send 'sub' to 888
To Unsubscribe
send 'unsub' to 888


Corporate Services

Service Description
BULK SMS Corporate Bulk SMS is an SMS broadcasting service
 that enables Corporate users to promote their businees, ideas and services by sending messages to SCOM Customers.
Sponsor Call Sponsor Call Service is an IVR based service
 that enables corporate users to promote their business, ideas and services through IVR to SCOM users.
Closed User Group

Close User Group is a unique‚ value-adding service aimed at providing customized solutions in accordance with your corporate needs. It allows groups within an organization to communicate with each other on highly discounted rates. You can now manage the flow of communication‚ and thereby increases the productivity of your employees. It offers great flexibility of call control, so you can determine access levels for each and every member in the group.

PKR 50 / 150 Mins
PKR 150 / 500 Mins
PKR 500 / 5000 Mins

World Power
Send “WP” to 120
File Fact
Send “FF” to 120
Send “Dic<space>Word” to 120

Send “CLR<space>colourname

<space>colourname” to 120


Send “ZOD<space>

horoscope name” to 120


Send “Ari-Tau” to 120. (First Three Letter of

Horoscope or complete name of Horoscope e.g. AQU or AQURIUS)

1. Send “BUL” to 120
2. Weekly Pull Services
To subscribe Send "SUB" to 888
To unsubscribe send "UINT" to 120
3.Monthly Pull Services
To subscribe Send "SUB" to 818
To unsubscribe send "UINTM" to 120
Forex 1.Daily Pull Services:
Send “FOR” to 120.
2.Weekly Pull Services
To subscribe Send "SUB" to 888.
To unsubscribe send "UINT" to 120.
3.Monthly Pull Services
To subscribe Send "SUB" to 818.


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