SCO pioneered internet access services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in 2007 with the brand name of SNET. SNET provides broadband internet access over DSL, WiFi and fiber optic cable. Internet access is also available over Dial-up networking, GPRS and SCO CDMA. Attractive packages, quality of service and high speeds are hallmarks of SNET that have led to the phenomenal growth and public demand. Corporate Internet Services are also available through customized packages.

Fwd Kahuta Snet capacity Up-Grd from 192 ports to 224 Ports, Old Sectt Mzd 176 to 226 Ports and instl of new DSLAM at HQ 6 AK Bde 32 ports. New DSLAMs at Mzd Old from 1344 ports to 1392 ports by instl 48 ports DSLAM (zyzel).

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Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Muzaffarabad Old Chela Bandi Gojra Upper Adda Muzaffarabad New Airport Ambore Muzaffarabad Old Sectt Garhi Dopatta Authmaqam Chatter Kalas Leepa Nosehri (China Camp) Kel Kundal Shahi Chakmaqam Sharda Lawat Bala Jura Pattika Khalana Mirpura Bagh Rera Plangi Fwd Kahuta Khurshidabad Mohri Farman Shah Rawalakot Poonch Med College HQ 2 AK Bde University of Poonch Plandri […]


Gilgit Baltistan

Airport Gilgit (FTTC) Aliabad Astore Baseen Gilgit (FTTC) Bunji Challat Chilas Gakuch Gilgit Gulapur Gupis Gulmit Gojal Jaglot Jutial Karimabad Khomer Gilgit (FTTC) Konadass Gilgit (FTTC) KIU Gilgit (FTTC) Nomal NLI Gilgit (FTTC) Oshkandas Gorikot Secretariat Jutial (FTTC) Signal Center Jutial (FTTC) Danyore DOMSAT Danyore Unit Passu Gulmet Nagar Sost Skardu NMS Sat/Town BTS(FTTC) Patwal […]



CIR Packages For Health Sector & Academia

Packages For Tariff (PKR/MB/Month)
AJ&K 4,000
GB 5,000

CIR Packages for IT Industry

Package Name Speed (MB) Volume Tariff (PKR/MB/Month)
Emerald 4 4 Unlimited 20,000
Ruby 8 8 Unlimited 25,000
Sapphire 12 12 Unlimited 30,000
Diamond 16 16 Unlimited 35,000

Limited Packages-Allowed for Residential

U256 256 kbps 1,999.00 Unlimited
U512 512 kbps 1,599.00 Unlimited
U1M 1 Mbps 1,999.00 Unlimited
U2M 2 Mbps 2,999.00 Unlimited

Ultra Packages

Standard 4 Mbps 799.00 4 GB
Professional 8 Mbps 999.00 8 GB
Corporate-1 12 Mbps 1,999.00 12 GB
Corporate-2 16 Mbps 2,999.00 16 GB

Freedom Packages

Student 1 Mbps 999.00
Home 2 Mbps 1,299.00
Business 4 Mbps 1,999.00
Home Plus 3 Mbps 1,799.00

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