Kashmir grey langur

The Kashmir gray langur is an Old World monkey, one of the langur species.


Grey langurs can adapt to a variety of habitats. They inhabit arid habitats like deserts, tropical habitats liketropical rainforests and temperate habitats likeconiferous forests, deciduous habitats and mountains habitats. They are found at sea level to altitudes up to 4,000 m (13,000 ft).


Gray langurs are primarily herbivores. However, unlike some other colobines they do not exclusively eat leaves and leaf buds of herbs, but also coniferous needles and cones, fruits and fruit buds, evergreenpetioles, shoots and roots, seeds, grass, bamboo, fern rhizomes, mosses, and lichens


Grey langurs have fine silver fur, with black faces,ears,fingers and toes. Their tails are longer than their bodies and are used dexterously to manoeuvre through the canopy.

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