NGMS (Next Generation Mobile Services)

SCOM services were initially launched in 2004, over the year aggressively increasing the network footprint across the entire length and breadth of the region. SCO stands tall as the largest cellular service provider in the region equally focusing on urban and rural areas development with over 503 cellular sites.

SCO coverage is not only restricted to major population centres but also available at far flung and most difficult areas including Neelum, Concordia, Misger, Khunjrab, Deosai and many more.

Tourism is on the rise and SCO is facilitating the tourists with a prime focus on many tourist attractions such as Atabad, Banjosa, Khalti, Naltar, Kachura, Deosai, Khunjrab etc.


Installation of 2G/3G/4G BTS Sites on 96 x new locations for enhancement of coverage in AJ&K and GB.

Upgradation of BTS sites from 2G to 4G on 91x locations for SCOM subs in AJ&K and GB.

Capacity enhancement for 4G eqpt at 45 locations in AJ&K and GB to improve data svcs.

Seamless KKH Coverage 4.5 & 5G Trails

SCO is also providing seamless cellular coverage along KKH from Shatial to Khunjrab providing matchless services to tourists as well as meeting the needs of CPEC and locals. SCO has been Striving Hard to keep AJ&K and GB at par with the rest of the country in terms of technological advancement. The First 4.5 G Trials in GB were carried out by SCO in Hunza city and the same is currently op at 5 locations.

Moreover, 5G Trials have also been conducted achieving speeds up to 1.73 Gbps.

To facilitate tourists and locals, SCO initiated a project to cover KKH starting from Shatial to Khunjrab, providing data and voice services along the way. A total of 62 x new sites have been deployed.

182% Growth in NGMS Customers

Subscribers in January 2018 were 8,55,566

Subscribers in August 2022 in 2,411,206

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

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