Cloud Data Center

Establishment of SCO Data Centre for providing Cloud  Based Services in AJ&K and GB

SCO Data Centre is proposed for the provision of computing, storage and application services for all walks of life including the Public and Private sectors.

As cloud computing and virtualization technologies are becoming more and more popular, the IT industry is also growing in AJ&K and GB and a centralized data Centre is required for both regions in order to serve the government, corporate sector, IT industry, academia and people of AJ&K and GB.


Gaming Communities

Hosting Servers


Platform as a Service

Data Storage

Secuirty & Protection

SCO’s Data Centre will provide uninterrupted, secure & high-quality IT cloud services to the Government Departments, NGOs, E-businesses, E-commerce, the Health Sector (especially telemedicine), Private Sector, Tourism/ Hotel Industry, CPEC Economic Zones along KKH, financial sector and local populace of AJ&K and GB.

At present, there is no dedicated Data Centre for e-government functioning while fulfilling international standards to serve AJ&K and GB governments and their institutions.

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