1.Who can make an S-Paisa transaction?
Any person having valid CNIC and mobile number can send and receive money. CNICs that are expired of either sender or receiver or both will not enable customer to send or receive money

2.Does a customer require to have a cell phone to use S-Paisa service?
Yes. A customer needs to have a valid mobile number both sender and receiver to check transaction reference number and secret code (for receiver only).

3.If a customer has a perished CNIC or unavailability of CNIC?
In case of lost or perished CNIC, customers are advised to contact the nearest NADRA office. Upon the issuance of NADRA receipt, please visit the nearest S-Paisa retailer with expired copy of CNIC and after biometric verification from NADRA customer will send/receive transaction.

4.What if Original CNIC is not in possession of customer or only copy is available?
Customer can bring authentic copy of CNIC, upon successful biometric verification from NADRA, send and receive money transactions can be performed.

5.Where S-Paisa Transactions can be performed?
S-Paisa transactions can be performed at various outlets that include S-Paisa Authorized Retailers, Franchisees and SCO Customer Support Centers.

6.How will customer know that transaction is successful?
Upon sending, the retailer, sender and receiver will receive SMS from S-Paisa system and when transaction will be received, the receiving message is also received to sender, receiver and retailer.

7.S-Paisa Transaction can take how much time or limit to be received?
There’s no time limit. However, it is recommended to the customers to receive amount within one week for the security and easiness of customer.

8.What if S-Paisa customer forgets his transaction code or PIN?
If customer forgets or deletes his PIN / Pass Code Message, he is required to visit the nearest S-Paisa Franchise / Retailer / Customer Support Center or call at 111-726-726 (SCO Help Line)

9.How many resets can be done for transaction pass-code?
There will be one reset for Passcode.

10.What if customer deletes or forget Transaction ID message?
Customer can contact the nearest S-Paisa Shop or Call at 111-726-726 for the necessary help.

11.What happens in case of delay in confirmatory messages?
Customers should always provide non-portable numbers for transactions. Visit the nearest S-Paisa shop or call at 111-726-726.

12.In case of unavailability of Cash, what should a customer do? Customer should contact the next nearest S-Paisa Shop for the receiving or contact 111-726-726

13.What is the process of Sending and receiving CNIC from S-Paisa Shop?

Process of Sending Money:

  • Mobile number and Sender’s CNIC are mandatory
  • Mobile number and receiver’s CNIC are mandatory
  • Upon sending, S-Paisa retailer/franchisee will ask for sender and receiver’s CNIC and mobile number and amount to be sent
  • After biometric verification of sender from NADRA, amount will be sent to receiver
  • Sending transaction details will be sent to retailer, sender and receiver
  • Auto-generated secret code will also be sent to receiver
  • Process of Receiving Money:

  • Receiver will approach the nearest S-Paisa retailer by showing transaction message and pass code
  • Receiver CNIC and mobile number will be entered in the system to confirm
  • After necessary biometric verification from NADRA, amount will be received by the receiver via S-Paisa retailer
  • 14.Does CNIC and MSISDN pairing applies on Sender only?
    While carrying out transaction, the above-mentioned pairing applies for both sender and receiver.

    15.Can a CNIC holder use someone else mobile number?

    16.What if a mobile number is entered incorrectly?
    Customer should also contact the relevant S-Paisa Shop or call 111-726-726 for necessary correction.

    Let's talk. 111-SCO-SCO (726-726)