Transmission Network

OFC Network of over 7000 Km stretched over the most challenging terrain


For the smooth functioning of the transmission network, an efficient repair and maintenance system has evolved by SCO which is being maintained through its 36 x Zonal Maintenance Centers (ZMC) placed in the toughest terrain of the world.

These ZMCs were basically instituted, so as to safely maintain an inordinately stretched network of OFC.

Upgradation of transmission network by enhancement of huge telecom handling capacity from 80 GB to 9.6 Terabyte owing to meet the demand of people of AJ&K and GB regions in connection with the provision of high-speed internet in the region.

Satellite links are also made operational to provide efficient communication at high-altitude sites like Khunjrab Top and Concordia (K2) base to promote tourism/ expedition activities in the region.

Obstacles faced in GB & AJK
Road Maintenance Work
Snow Fall
Land Sliding
Frequent OFC Breakage

Optical Fiber Cable Deployment

To provide robust transmission media for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) service extended to the local populace of unserved & underserved areas of AJ&K and GB, deployment of new Aerial and Under Ground 800 Kms Optical Fiber Cable is in progress.

New OFC deployment will improve the Quality of service and ensure maximum network and service availability time to subscribers of the region. Replacement of deteriorated and damaged cable segments will assist in the provision of a stable transmission media platform to SCO and other mobile operators.

Reinstatement Work
Digging Depth Check
Manual Digging

Microwave Links Deployment

● Installation of high capacity 2G and 1G IP Microwave links in AJ&K and GB region is in progress.

● Existing OFC laid in AJ&K and GB region is prone to frequent disruptions due to extreme weather and terrain conditions thus installation of high capacity microwave radios has been ensured for protection of areas where linear OFC alignment exists.

● Establishment of microwave links in difficult terrain like Leepa, Kel, Gilgit, Gupis, Yasin, Skardu, Khaplu, Naltar, Misger, Dareel & Tangir areas has been ensured.

● Availability of microwave links will enable SCO to provide round-the-clock alternate transmission connectivity to Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Regions.

Antenna Installation
Microwave Tower
Solar Structure
Hybrid Power Solution

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