SCO introduces Utility Bill Payment Cards (UBP) SPAY, now you can pay your monthly telephone bills and GSM postpaid bill via Spay Cards, Cards are available at all SCO outlets.



Rs – 50

Rs – 100

Rs – 200

Rs – 500

Rs - 1000


Loading Procedure

Press 1392

Press "1" for Urdu and "2" for English

Please select "1" for Telephone Bill

Please enter "1#" for your phone bill payment or enter others phone number and press "#" for bill payment

Press "1" for confirmation

For Bill payment Press "11#" (For full bill payment press "1" and for bill payment month by month press "2")

For Bill inquiry Press "22#" (For Non Paid bill Press "1", for All Paid Bill Press "2" and for Bill Paid month by month Press "3")

For Card recharge (Transfer) Press "33#" (For confirmation enter first card number and pincode then second card number and pincode)

For card balance inquiry Press "55#" (enter card number and press "#" and pincode and press "#")

Note: Balance in card should be greater or equal to the phone Bill of the customer.